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Ziva was incorporated in 2002 in Delaware by pioneers in electronics.  Ziva's develops novel RF and optical technologies from concept to prototype for defense and commercial applications.  Our goal is to license and/or take the most promising technologies to production for defense and commercial applications.  Projects are being conducted in the following areas:


  • High availability RF comm. in severe scattering & multipath environments using Time Reversal Techniques

  • Distributed ad-hoc Cooperative Beamfocusing RF Arrays (COBRA) for extended reach-back communication

  • Anti-Geolocation

  • Communication in Jamming Environment

  • Time-Spatial Synchronization -Precision Relative time

  • Wireless Key distribution

  • Information Theoretic Security coding


Optical Devices:

  • Plasmonic devices

  • Silicon based highly nonlinear optical materials & devices



R&D contracts conducted for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Army, Navy, and Air Force, NIH, NRO and for DoD primes 

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